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Secure Your Property with Reliable Automatic Gates and Fence from Arkansas Automatic Gates

  • Secure your property with the convenience of an automatic gate so you never have to leave the safety of your vehicle to enter or leave.         Learn more…
  • We provide access control and intercom systems that allow you or your guests to enter and leave your property safely and conveniently and at      your discretion. Learn more…
  • We install automatic gates you can rely on working day after day, year after year. Learn more…
  • We provide expert design and durable installations that stand the test of time and weather. Learn more…
  • We can service or repair almost any gate operator. We stock parts for most of the major brands which allows us to quickly restore security to   your property. Learn more…
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Open Your Gate From The Comfort And Safety Of Your Vehicle

Nothing is more annoying than getting soaked to open or close the gate to your property. It’s also a hassle to get out in the frigid temperatures of winter.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort to be safe. Let the rain fall, the lightening strike, the wind blow, and the temperatures fall while you open your gate from the comfort of your vehicle.

With a professionally installed automatic gate from Arkansas Automatic Gates, you will never have to sacrifice comfort for your safety.

Reliably Protecting You Year After Year

We use superior products in our designs to ensure your gate continues opening and shutting day after day and year after year.

You certainly have the option to purchase a low end product, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. Choosing a product off the shelf of your local discount hardware store will result in headaches, frustration, and soaked clothing as you continually leave your car to manually open a broken gate.

We install products that don’t just work long enough to get a pay check. They keep working for years after we leave the premises. We want you to remain our valued customer both today and next year. The only way to do that is to provide you high quality products and skillful installation.

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Enable Guests To Enter At Your Discretion

With state of the art access control and intercom systems, who enters your property is your discretion. Enable guests to enter and leave using their own key code or have them contact your cell phone through an intercom system.

The options are limitless and the choice is yours. Let one of our experts guide you through the decision process about what system will best meet your needs

We Provide Expert Design And Durable Installations

There are some companies that will use shoddy workmanship that functions just long enough to get a pay check. You are left holding the bill for expensive repairs while your property is left unsecure due to a faulty installation

Poor design or installations that cut corners result in premature ware on components, intermittent operation, or complete failure to operate.

Arkansas Automatic Gates provides expert design and installation using the best products on the market, so your gate stands the test of time and endures all types of weather.

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